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Table 8 Mann-Whitney comparisons of metabolite levels, expressed in different units, between urban and rural populations

From: Concentrations versus amounts of biomarkers in urine: a comparison of approaches to assess pyrethroid exposure

Population and metabolite assessed Statistical significance (p value) of comparisons between the urban and rural population
  Comparison of weight-adjusted excretion rates (nmol/kg bw/h) Comparison of volume-weighted concentrations (nmol/L) Comparison of creatinine-adjusted concentrations (μmol/mol of creatinine)
DCCA 0.128 0.139 0.465
PBA 0.016* 0.010* 0.093
DCCA 0.032* 0.042* 0.029*
PBA 0.027* 0.023* 0.023*
  1. *Indicates a significant difference