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Table 1 Written questionnaire responses for selected questions by age group

From: Meteorologically estimated exposure but not distance predicts asthma symptoms in schoolchildren in the environs of a petrochemical refinery: a cross-sectional study

Written question Prevalence (all participants) n = 2,361 Prevalence (ages 13 to 14 years) n = 823
Have you had wheezing or whistling in the chest in the last 12 months? 32.8% 32.4%
Have you ever had asthma? 23.7% 24.2%
Do you need to bring an asthma inhaler to school with you? 9.2% 8.9%
In the last 12 months has your chest sounded wheezy during or after exercise? 34.7% 33.6%
In the last 12 months, have you had a problem with sneezing, or a runny or blocked nose when you did not have a cold or the flu? 58.8% 57.3%
Have you ever had hayfever? 63.9% 61.4%
Have any of your brothers or sisters, or your parents ever had asthma or hayfever ("family atopy")? 69.7% 70.9%
Do any of the adults in your home smoke cigarettes ("passive smoking")? 69.7% 64.2%
Have you ever smoked a cigarette? 38.1% 53.8%