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Figure 1

From: Association of residential dampness and mold with respiratory tract infections and bronchitis: a meta-analysis

Figure 1

Odds ratios and confidence intervals from all studies meeting the less restricted eligibility criteria and from a meta-analysis of these studies performed using the random effects model and assuming dependent estimates within studies. The width of the boxes (some so small they appear as points) is proportional to the precision of the study and the ends of the horizontal lines represent lower and upper 95% confidence limits. The left vertical line marks an odds ratio of 1.0, corresponding to no increased risk, while most of the reported odds ratios are greater than unity indicating an increase in risk with dampness and mold. The central estimate from the meta-analysis is indicated by the right vertical line and the left- and right-side points of the diamond at the bottom of the figure indicate the lower and upper 95% confidence limits from the meta-analyses.

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