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Table 4 Percentage of permitted maximum tolerable daily intake (PMTDI) for different elements (median values were used) associated with consumption of sikor.

From: Risk of human exposure to arsenic and other toxic elements from geophagy: trace element analysis of baked clay using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Element PMTDI
(μg kg-1-bw day-1)a
(μg day-1)a
Percentage of PMTDI
from 50 g of sikor
As 2.1 126 293
Cd 1.0 60 28.3
Mn 200 12000 13.4
Pb 3.5 210 588
  1. a The numerical values shown are the tolerable daily intake for a 60 kg person derived from PMTDIs recommended by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA)14