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Table 5 The relationship between exposure and selective outcome variables in terms of significance level

From: Household air pollution from cooking and risk of adverse health and birth outcomes in Bangladesh: a nationwide population-based study

Exposure variable ARI LBW Pregnancy complication Cesarean delivery
Indoor cooking (irrespective of fuel type)
- Ref: outdoor cooking
<0.05 <0.01 Insignificant <0.05
Use of solid fuel (irrespective of location of cooking)
- Ref: clean fuel
Insignificant Insignificant <0.01 Insignificant
Indoor use of solid fuel
- Ref: no use of indoor solid fuel
<0.05 <0.01 Insignificant Insignificant
  1. Controlled for maternal age, education, place of residence, region, socio-economic status, and breastfeeding and child sex. Outcome variables that were found significant with at least one of the exposure variables were reflected in this table