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Table 3 Cost of testing for interactions in cases where they do not exist a

From: A systematic comparison of statistical methods to detect interactions in exposome-health associations

  Scenario 1a Scenario 1b Scenario 1c Scenario 1d
Ratio of measures Sens FDP Sens FDP Sens FDP Sens FDP
DSA2 to DSA1 1.00 0.98 1.00 0.96 0.96 1.07 1.02 0.94
GLINTERNET to LASSO 0.88 0.81 0.97 0.75 0.89 0.75 0.93 0.77
  1. aRestricted to methods having a version for main effects only and a version for main effects and interactions. Figures in the table represent the ratio of performance measure between the version looking only for main effects (denominator) and the version looking also for interaction terms (numerator)