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Fig. 9

From: Bootstrap approach to validate the performance of models for predicting mortality risk temperature in Portuguese Metropolitan Areas

Fig. 9

Histograms of model biases using data from 2001 to 2005. a Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA) Summer 2001–2005-Tmean (mean temperature); (b) LMA Winter 2001–2005-Tmean; (c) LMA Summer 2001–2005-Tmax (maximum temperature); (d) LMA Winter 2001–2005-Tmin (minimum temperature); (e) Porto Metropolitan Area (PMA) winter 2001–2005-Tmean; (f) PMA Summer 2001–2005-Tmean; (g) PMA winter 2001–2005-Tmin; (h) PMA Summer 2001–2005-Tmax

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