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Table 1 Two main themes and forty-five keywords were used for collecting data. Numbers in parentheses represent the total number of keywords

From: Using web data to improve surveillance for heat sensitive health outcomes

Theme Keywords
AC (3) A/C, Air conditioning, HVAC
Heat (42) Car heat, Dry heat, Fan heat, Heat august, Heat damn, Heat extremely, Heat fuck, Heat fucking, Heat home, Heat index, Heat intensifies, Heat july, Heat june, Heat killing, Heat may, Heat office, Heat related, Heat-related, Heat school, Heat september, Heat sun, Heat unbearable, Heat warning, Heat watch, Heat wind, Heatex, Heat-exhasution, Heatsroke, Heatstroke, Heet, Humidity heat, Hyperthermia, Melt heat, Overheat, Overheated, Sleep heat, Steam heat, Summer heat, Sun-strok, Sunstroke, This heat, Unbearable heat