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Table 3 Results of mediation analysis between O3, persistent asthma and plasma FlOPs levels using the CAUSALMED procedure (n = 204)

From: Does the oxidative stress play a role in the associations between outdoor air pollution and persistent asthma in adults? Findings from the EGEA study

OR Estimate 95% CI
 Odds Ratio Total Effect 2.16 0.70–11.9
 Odds Ratio Natural Direct Effect 1.68 0.57–7.25
 Odds Ratio Natural Indirect Effect 1.28 1.01–2.29
Decomposition of the total effect
 Four-way Percent
 Controlled direct 50.3
 Reference interaction 8.6
 Mediated interaction 26.5
 Pure indirect 14.6
  1. Models were adjusted for age, sex and smoking habits. The exposure was O3. The mediators were plasma FlOPs levels. The outcome was persistent asthma