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Table 3 Excess absolute risk of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) in relation to AVGLO-derived cumulative ultraviolet radiation (UVR) radiant exposure in intervals of age at exposure and time since exposurea

From: Cumulative solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and basal cell carcinoma of the skin in a nationwide US cohort using satellite and ground-based measures

GroupExcess absolute risk per cumulative UVR radiant exposure (MJ cm− 2) per 104 person yearp-valueb
Age at exposure (years)
 < 258.05c (4.78, 11.1)0.085c
 ≥ 2519.4c (8.37, 28.0)
Time since exposure (years)d
 5–9-36.9e (-339.0f, 265.2f)0.279e
 10–1450.7e (-261.5f, 362.9f)
 ≥ 1511.8e (-0.41f, 23.9f)
  1. aAll analysis used models (S5) and (S7) with adjustment to the baseline BCC rate for baseline questionnaire, ln [age], ln [age]2, birth year, [birth year]2, [birth year]3, [birth year]4, [birth year]5
  2. bp-value for heterogeneity by age at exposure/time since exposure
  3. cweak indications of lack of convergence
  4. dtime since exposure is the difference in years between the age at which UVR exposure is determined and the age of the individual at a particular instant of follow-up, varying instantaneously with continuing follow-up for that individual
  5. eindications of lack of convergence
  6. fWald-based confidence interval