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Table 4 Excess relative risk of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) in relation to AVGLO-derived cumulative ultraviolet radiation (UVR) radiant exposure in intervals of age at exposure and time since exposurea

From: Cumulative solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and basal cell carcinoma of the skin in a nationwide US cohort using satellite and ground-based measures

GroupExcess relative risk per UVR cumulative radiant exposure (106 J cm− 2)p-valueb
Age at exposure (years)
 < 252.37c (-4.11d, 8.85d)0.012c
 ≥ 251.07c (-3.54d, 5.68d)
Time since exposure (years)e
 5–9− 3.59c (− 45.0d, 37.8d)0.034c
 10–147.11c (-38.5d, 52.8d)
 ≥ 151.58c (-3.10d, 6.25d)
  1. aAll analysis used models (S4) and (S6) with adjustment to the baseline BCC rate for baseline questionnaire, ln [age], ln [age]2, birth year, [birth year]2, [birth year]3, [birth year]4, [birth year]5
  2. bp-value for heterogeneity by age at exposure/time since exposure
  3. cindications of lack of convergence
  4. dWald-based confidence interval
  5. etime since exposure is the difference in years between the age at which UVR exposure is determined and the age of the individual at a particular instant of follow-up, varying instantaneously with continuing follow-up for that individual