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Table 2 Associations between skincare product use and incidence of pre−/postmenopausal breast and endometrial cancer

From: Use of skincare products and risk of cancer of the breast and endometrium: a prospective cohort study

User groups of skincare products per cancer typenCancer casesAge-adjusted HR (95% CI)Multivariable HR (95% CI)ptrend
Premenopausal breast cancera
Non−/Light users79882381.001.000.56
Moderate users46421461.05 (0.86,1.30)1.05 (0.85,1.29) 
Frequent/heavy users72152371.11 (0.93,1.33)1.10 (0.92,1.32) 
Postmenopausal breast cancerb
Non-users1549491.12 (0.84,1.49)1.14 (0.85,1.52)0.27
Light users32,3799221.001.00 
Moderate users22,7626561.00 (0.90, 1.10)0.99 (0.89,1.09) 
Frequent users29,8748540.99 (0.90, 1.09)0.97 (0.88,1.07) 
Heavy users1752450.89 (0.66, 1.20)0.87 (0.65,1.18) 
Endometrial cancerc
Non−/Light users25,7742131.001.000.63
Moderate users16,556980.70 (0.55,0.88)0.77 (0.61,0.98) 
Frequent/heavy users23,1561630.83 (0.68,1.02)0.97 (0.79,1.20) 
  1. HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. aMultivariable adjusted for maternal breast cancer history and alcohol intake
  3. bMultivariable adjusted for body mass index, use of menopause hormone therapy, age at first birth and parity combined, maternal breast cancer history, physical activity and alcohol intake
  4. cMultivariable adjusted for body mass index, use of oral contraceptives, use of intrauterine device, smoking and education