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Table 1 Descriptive statistics for temperature and mortality data. Temperature data is for the case/control periods only

From: Short-term association between ambient temperature and homicide in South Africa: a case-crossover study

 MeanMax75%Median25%MinMissing temperature data (%)
Case daysControl days
Daily Temperature (°C)
 Max24.7 ± 5.447.828.425.121.10.510.110.0
 Meana18.0 ± 5.034.721.818.514.4−1.111.511.4
 Min11.4 ± 5.828.015.612.07.5−13.811.111.0
Daily Homicidesb
 39.7 ± 23.11885033242
  1. aHere the mean is defined as the average between the maximum and the minimum
  2. bHomicide case counts include definite homicides (ICD-10: X85-Y09) and probable homicides (ICD-10: W25-W26, W32-W34, W50, Y22-Y24, Y28-Y29)