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Table 2 Summary of the main effects induced by single chemicals administered at IC20, IC5 and IC20/100. In bracket, the lowest concentration eliciting a statistically significant modification of at least one of the measured DNT features is indicated (Phase 2)

From: Assessment of developmental neurotoxicity induced by chemical mixtures using an adverse outcome pathway concept

3 daysBPACPFLeadMethyl-HgPCB138VA
Synaptogenesis (SYP, PSD95) PSD95t (IC20) SYPt (IC20) PSD95n (IC20/100) PSD95n (IC20)
Neurite outgrowth n. neurites
(IC20/100) n. neurites (not shown)
BDNF levels BDNFt (IC20)
ratio (IC20/100)
14 daysBPACPFLeadMethyl-HgPCB138VA
Synaptogenesis (SYP, PSD95) PSD95n (IC5) SYPn
PSD95t (IC5)
PSD95n (IC20/100)
Neurite outgrowth n. branch points
n. branch points
BDNF levels
ratio (IC5)
BDNFt (IC20)
ratio (IC20)
ratio (IC20) (IC5) BDNFn and ratio (IC20)
  1. Tested concentrations: BPA (0.29 μM, IC20/100; 12.74 μM, IC5; 28.96 μM, IC20); CPF (0.37 μM, IC20/100; 21.01 μM, IC5; 37.10 μM, IC20); Lead (0.0073 μM, IC20/100; 0.17 μM, IC5; 0.73 μM, IC20); Methyl-Hg (0.0013 μM, IC20/100; 0.05 μM, IC5; 0.13 μM, IC20); PCB138 (0.0593 μM, IC20/100; 3.53 μM, IC5; 5.93 μM, IC20); VA (2.1 μM, IC20/100; 70 μM, IC5; 210 μM, IC20)