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Table 4 Adjusted and unadjusted linear associations of 0.1 mg/L increase in community water fluoride concentrations with fluoride concentrations in maternal urine, serum, and amniotic fluid

From: Maternal and fetal exposures to fluoride during mid-gestation among pregnant women in northern California

 Relationship with community water fluoride
Fluoride concentrationsUnadjusted (95% CI)Adjusteda (95% CI)
Maternal urine0.037 (0.006, 0.069)0.052 (0.019, 0.085)
Maternal urine adjusted for specific gravity0.026 (-0.004, 0.057)0.028 (-0.006, 0.062)
Maternal serum0.001 (0.000, 0.003)0.001 (0.000, 0.003)
Amniotic fluid0.001 (0.000, 0.002)0.001 (0.000, 0.002)
  1. a Adjusted for maternal age, smoking status, BMI race/ethnicity, and gestational age at sample collection. Likelihood ratio tests indicated no significant differences between the adjusted and non adjusted models