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Table 4 Regression results for total cholesterol and LDL restricted to below the PFAS 40th percentile separately

From: Associations between perfluoroalkyl substances and serum lipids in a Swedish adult population with contaminated drinking water

 All (n = 779)Control (n = 130)
coefficent (SE)pcoefficent (SE)P
Total cholesterolPFOS0.0037 (0.0016)0.020.038 (0.018)0.04
PFHxS0.0043 (0.0018)0.020.052 (0.026)0.05
PFOA0.062 (0.035)0.080.073 (0.095)0.44
Sum PFASa1.1 (0.36)< 0.0111 (4.8)0.03
LDLPFOS0.0023 (0.0013)0.070.041 (0.015)0.01
PFHxS0.0032 (0.0015)0.030.061 (0.021)< 0.01
PFOA0.037 (0.028)0.180.095 (0.079)0.23
Sum PFAS0.73 (0.29)0.0112 (4.0)< 0.01
  1. Note: All the estimates are from linear models with total cholesterol or LDL as outcome, with un-transformed serum levels of PFAS as continuous variables, adjusted for sex, age and BMI (in quartiles). In the linear models checking the association with PFOS, the study group was restricted to the ones with serum PFOS level below the 40th percentile (99.7 ng/ml) ignoring other PFAS. For PFHxS, it was up to 81 ng/ml. For PFOA, it was up to 5.7 ng/ml. For sum PFAS, it was up to its 0.42 nmol/ml
  2. aSum PFAS: Molar-weight adjusted sum of PFOS, PFHxS and PFOA