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Table 3 Spearman rank correlation coefficients between PBDE and PBB-153 plasma concentrations (ng/L plasma and ng/gr lipids), E3N cohort

From: Plasma concentration of brominated flame retardants and postmenopausal breast cancer risk: a nested case-control study in the French E3N cohort

 PBDE28 (ng/L plasma)PBDE28 (ng/gr lipids)PBDE47 (ng/L plasma)PBDE47 (ng/gr lipids)PBDE99 (ng/L plasma)PBDE99 (ng/gr lipids)PBDE100 (ng/L plasma)PBDE100 (ng/gr lipids)PBDE153 (ng/L plasma)PBDE153 (ng/gr lipids)PBDE154 (ng/L plasma)PBDE154 (ng/gr lipids)PBB153 (ng/L plasma)PBB153 (ng/gr lipids)
PBDE28 (ng/L plasma)1.00             
PBDE28 (ng/gr lipids)0.971.00            
PBDE47 (ng/L plasma)0.660.621.00           
PBDE47 (ng/gr lipids)0.630.660.961.00          
PBDE99 (ng/L plasma)0.550.510.870.831.00         
PBDE99 (ng/gr lipids)0.530.550.840.870.961.00        
PBDE100 (ng/L plasma)0.630.590.920.870.810.761.00       
PBDE100 (ng/gr lipids)0.610.620.900.920.780.800.961.00      
PBDE153 (ng/L plasma)0.320.280.460.410.420.370.510.471.00     
PBDE153 (ng/gr lipids)0.270.320.390.450.350.400.430.500.901.00    
PBDE154 (ng/L plasma)0.480.450.690.660.620.600.730.710.400.351.00   
PBDE154 (ng/gr lipids)0.450.470.650.680.590.620.690.720.360.390.971.00  
PBB153 (ng/L plasma)0.05− 
PBB153 (ng/gr lipids)