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Table 2 The distribution of plasma concentrations of PFAS (ng/mL) at the enrollment (n = 2849)

From: Perfluoroalkyl substances exposure in early pregnancy and preterm birth in singleton pregnancies: a prospective cohort study

PFASLOD% < LOD 25th percentileMedian75th percentile
PFOA0.090 9.2011.8515.26
PFOS0.090 6.549.3313.65
PFDA0.020 1.141.692.52
PFUA0.020 0.941.392.05
PFNA0.020 1.211.692.36
PFHxS0.020 0.420.540.69
  1. Note: LOD limit of dection, PFOA perfluorooctanate, PFOS perfluorooctane sulfonate, PFDA perfluorodecanoic acid, PFUA perfluoroundecanoic acid, PFNA perfluorononanoic acid, PFHxS perfluorohexanesulfonate, PFHpA perfluoroheptanoic acid, PFBS perfluorobutane sulfonate, PFDoA perfluorododecanoic acid, PFOSA perfluorooctane sulfonamide