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Table 1 Description of high school students involved and their areas of focus in each year

From: Translational data analytics in exposure science and environmental health: a citizen science approach with high school students

School year # of students engaged Focus areas for students involved Products generated by the partnership
2016–2017 4 Locations for sensor deployment; Permission from school district administration and principals; Community and School District Outreach Beta version of a web-based application for data visualization; presentation on the project to teachers at the district-wide professional day event
2017–2018 4 Sensor package design and fabrication; Solar panel and Wi-Fi integration and testing; Sensor calibration  
2018–2019 3 Sensor enclosure design, fabrication and testing; Sensor calibration; Sensor deployment; Data collection in Google Sheets; Community Outreach Article in a science communication publication (not peer-reviewed); articles in local newspapers and web media1,2,3,4
2019–2020 3 Mass production of sensor enclosure; Sensor deployment; Community and School District Outreach Work currently in progress
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