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Correction to: Response to Juberg et al

The Original Article was published on 03 April 2019

Correction to: Environ Health 18, 29 (2019)

In the Letter to Editor Response [1], we made a statement that the article by Bond and Dietrich [2], referred to by Juberg et al. [3], was supported by American Chemistry Council (ACC). It has been brought to our attention that the current wording suggests that the particular work by Bond and Dietrich [2] received financial or other support from ACC, which was not the intention of the authors. The statement was intended to acknowledge that the ACC has expressed its support of their paper [4]. We wish to amend our published response as follows in order to clarify this:

Juberg et al. [3] claim that “many experts do not agree” with a recent assessment of developmental neurotoxicity in humans and refer to an article by Bond and Dietrich (2017) [2].


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