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Table 1 Weighted percentages by household chracteristics and child health outcomes

From: Child health, household environment, temperature and rainfall anomalies in Honduras: a socio-climate data linked analysis

 Any child in HH w/ coughAny child in HH w/ diarrheaAny infant mortality in HH
 Piped into home39.6918.112.58
 Piped outside of home44.3323.123.62
 Bottled water33.7717.312.5
 Chi square82.86039.0207.428
 p value0.00010.00010.153
 Dirt floor47.6823.793.85
 Mud/plank floor40.8120.93.1
 Tile/granite floor33.2117.342.23
 Chi square89.39426.3819.330
 p value0.00010.00010.0177
Cooking fuel
 Not wood fuel for cooking34.4417.632.5
 Wood fuel outside home44.9923.192.91
 Wood fuel inside w/ chimney42.9622.183.2
 Wood fuel inside w/o chimney46.9422.694.71
 Chi square85.70930.86511.892
 p value0.00010.00010.019
 Flush toilet36.2917.562.91
 No toilet47.8926.534.18
 Chi square64.96955.2495.481
 p value0.00010.00010.0924