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  1. Children in urban public housing are at high risk for asthma, given elevated environmental and social exposures and suboptimal medical care. For a multifactorial disease like asthma, design of intervention stu...

    Authors: Jonathan I Levy, LK Welker-Hood, Jane E Clougherty, Robin E Dodson, Suzanne Steinbach and HP Hynes
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:13
  2. Many challenges emerged during completion of a study to examine radiation dose and acute leukemia among children in areas of the former Soviet Union. In an era of globalization, our experiences might benefit o...

    Authors: Martin C Mahoney, Kirsten B Moysich, Philip L McCarthy Jr, Richard C McDonald, Valery F Stepanenko, Robert W Day and Arthur M Michalek
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:12
  3. Mercury is an immunotoxic metal that induces autoimmune disease in rodents. Highly susceptible mouse strains such as SJL/N, A.SW, B10.S (H-2s) develop multiple autoimmune manifestations after exposure to inorgani...

    Authors: Ines A Silva, Jennifer F Nyland, Andrew Gorman, Andre Perisse, Ana Maria Ventura, Elizabeth CO Santos, Jose M de Souza, CL Burek, Noel R Rose and Ellen K Silbergeld
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:11
  4. Releases of hazardous materials can cause substantial morbidity and mortality. To reduce and prevent the public health consequences (victims or evacuations) from uncontrolled or illegally released hazardous su...

    Authors: Perri Z Ruckart, Wendy A Wattigney and Wendy E Kaye
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:10
  5. Inter-individual variation in normal human mammary epithelial cells in response to oxythioquinox (OTQ) is reported. Gene expression signatures resulting from chemical exposures are generally created from analy...

    Authors: Maureen R Gwinn, Diana L Whipkey and Ainsley Weston
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:9
  6. In animal studies of the effects of hormonally active agents, measurement of anogenital distance (AGD) is now routine, and serves as a bioassay of fetal androgen action. Although measurement of AGD in humans h...

    Authors: Eduardo Salazar-Martinez, Patricia Romano-Riquer, Edith Yanez-Marquez, Matthew P Longnecker and Mauricio Hernandez-Avila
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:8
  7. For individual exposures, effect modification by atopy or smoking has been reported on the occurrence of occupational airway disease. It is unclear if effect modification can be studied in a general population...

    Authors: Gea de Meer, Marjan Kerkhof, Hans Kromhout, Jan P Schouten and Dick Heederik
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:6
  8. Radioisotopes are introduced into the environment following nuclear power plant accidents or nuclear weapons tests. The immobility of these radioactive elements in uppermost soil layers represents a problem fo...

    Authors: Pietro Cazzola, Agostino Cena, Stefano Ghignone, Maria C Abete and Sergio Andruetto
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:5
  9. In a previous study it has been shown that mean population perception of air pollution correlates well with physical measures of actual air pollution and could be used as a measure of exposure to air pollution...

    Authors: Paul R Hunter, Karen Bickerstaff and Maria A Davies
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:3
  10. In 2000, the National Research Council (NRC), an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, released a report entitled, "Toxicological Effects of Methylmercury." The overall conclusion of that report was that, a...

    Authors: Alan H Stern, Joseph L Jacobson, Louise Ryan and Thomas A Burke
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:2
  11. Studies on maternal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) reported inconsistent findings regarding birth weight: some studies showed no effect, some reported decreased birth weight, and one study found ...

    Authors: Wilfried Karmaus and Xiaobei Zhu
    Citation: Environmental Health 2004 3:1
  12. Bone marrow stromal cells produce cytokines required for the normal growth and development of all eight hematopoietic cell lineages. Aberrant cytokine production by stromal cells contributes to blood cell dysc...

    Authors: Brenda A Jensen, Rebecca J Leeman, Jennifer J Schlezinger and David H Sherr
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:16
  13. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has claimed 349 lives with 5,327 probable cases reported in mainland China since November 2002. SARS case fatality has varied across geographical areas, which might be ...

    Authors: Yan Cui, Zuo-Feng Zhang, John Froines, Jinkou Zhao, Hua Wang, Shun-Zhang Yu and Roger Detels
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:15
  14. Melanoma incidence is rising at a rate faster than any other preventable cancer in the United States. Childhood exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light increases risk for skin cancer as an adult, thus starting posi...

    Authors: Alan C Geller, Linda Rutsch, Kristin Kenausis, Paula Selzer and Zi Zhang
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:13
  15. Epidemiological documentation of endocrine disruption is complicated by imprecise exposure assessment, especially when exposures are mixed. Even if the estrogenic activity of all compounds were known, the comb...

    Authors: Thomas Høj Rasmussen, Flemming Nielsen, Helle Raun Andersen, Jesper Bo Nielsen, Pal Weihe and Philippe Grandjean
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:12
  16. South Africa is one of the major users of pesticides on the African continent. The Eastern Cape is the second largest province in South Africa. There has been growing concern about the occurrence of certain bi...

    Authors: Gudrun A Heeren, Joanne Tyler and Andrew Mandeya
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:11
  17. HMO databases offer an opportunity for community based epidemiologic studies of asthma incidence, etiology and treatment. The incidence of asthma in HMO populations and the utility of HMO data, including use o...

    Authors: Susan R Sama, Phillip R Hunt, CIH Priscilla Cirillo, Arminda Marx, Richard A Rosiello, Paul K Henneberger and Donald K Milton
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:10
  18. The neurotoxic effects of methylmercury (MeHg) have been demonstrated in both human and animal studies. Both adult and fetal brains are susceptible to the effects of MeHg toxicity. However, the specific effect...

    Authors: Edna M Yokoo, Joaquim G Valente, Lynn Grattan, Sérgio Luís Schmidt, Illeane Platt and Ellen K Silbergeld
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:8
  19. The scientific literature poses a perplexing dilemma for pregnant women with respect to the consumption of fish from natural bodies of water. On one hand, fish is a good source of protein, low in fat and a ric...

    Authors: Germaine M Buck, Grace P Tee, Edward F Fitzgerald, John E Vena, John M Weiner, Mya Swanson and Michael E Msall
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:7
  20. We studied subjective health symptoms in a population accidentally exposed to high styrene concentrations in drinking tap water. The contamination occurred during the reparation of a water tank.

    Authors: Alberto Arnedo-Pena, Juan Bellido-Blasco, Jose-Luis Villamarin-Vazquez, Jose-Luis Aranda-Mares, Nuria Font-Cardona, Fabriziomaria Gobba and Manolis Kogevinas
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:6
  21. Childhood lead poisoning has not made the list of national public health priorities in Lebanon. This study aims at identifying the prevalence and risk factors for elevated blood lead concentrations (B-Pb ≥ 100...

    Authors: Iman Nuwayhid, Mona Nabulsi, Samar Muwakkit, Sarah Kouzi, George Salem, Mohamed Mikati and Majd Ariss
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:5
  22. Fish from the Great Lakes are contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls, which have been found to have several adverse reproductive effects. Several environmental contaminants have been found to alter the se...

    Authors: Marc G Weisskopf, Henry A Anderson and Lawrence P Hanrahan
    Citation: Environmental Health 2003 2:2
  23. Few assessments of the costs and benefits of reducing acute cardiorespiratory morbidity related to air pollution have employed a comprehensive, explicit approach to capturing the full societal value of reduced...

    Authors: David M Stieb, Paul De Civita, F Reed Johnson, Matthew P Manary, Aslam H Anis, Robert C Beveridge and Stan Judek
    Citation: Environmental Health 2002 1:7
  24. The explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was one of the greatest known nuclear disasters of the 20th century. To reduce individual exposure to ionizing radiation the Soviet Union government introduce...

    Authors: Pavlo Zamostian, Kirsten B Moysich, Martin C Mahoney, Philip McCarthy, Alexandra Bondar, Andrey G Noschenko and Arthur M Michalek
    Citation: Environmental Health 2002 1:4
  25. A previous observational study detected a strong positive relationship between sick leave absences and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in office buildings in the Boston area. The authors speculated that the o...

    Authors: Theodore A Myatt, John Staudenmayer, Kate Adams, Michael Walters, Stephen N Rudnick and Donald K Milton
    Citation: Environmental Health 2002 1:3
  26. Observational studies in epidemiology always involve concerns regarding validity, especially measurement error, confounding, missing data, and other problems that may affect the study outcomes. Widely used sta...

    Authors: Esben Budtz-Jørgensen, Niels Keiding, Philippe Grandjean and Pal Weihe
    Citation: Environmental Health 2002 1:2
  27. Porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT) is caused by hexachlorobenzene (HCB) in several species of laboratory mammals, but the human evidence is contradictory. In a study among adults of a population highly exposed to H...

    Authors: Jordi Sunyer, Carmen Herrero, Dolores Ozalla, Maria Sala, Núria Ribas-Fitó, Joan Grimalt and Xavier Basagaña
    Citation: Environmental Health 2002 1:1

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